Three questions – The Naima Train

Three questions of a new kind. We ask Maria Nyström, 19 years old. She is known on stage as The Naima Train. Maria creates several layers of music by using a loopstation. It’s original and sounds fantastic. Read more here. 1. What makes you happy? Sound, music and beautiful places. I enjoy large groups of… Read more »

How much are we worth?

I have some time off this week before I go back to school in Scotland, so I try to spend a lot of time with my family. I have 6 younger siblings. I miss them constantly when I am away and now when I am about to leave I think about how much I value… Read more »

Shopping mad!

This last week I have gone autumn shopping mad! The only thing I want to do is to buy some fine autumn-clothes and prepare for the coming season of fantastic fashion! Since I am a student with very limited economy, I have to learn to buy clothes at the low-priced stores and find those rare… Read more »

The most popular boy in school

Today, Tina Bergqvist from Helsingborg, will continue dealing with the topic of fair sex – or rather focus on occasions when it’s lacking. Tina has a journalism background and has decided to move back to her hometown, Helsingborg, to study International relations. I remember when I was in sixth grade. The most popular guy in… Read more »

Open your eyes

During the past week I have given a lot of thought to Fair Sex, particularly as to why there are so much unfair sex. The Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society reports on their website that 1.7% of Swedish youths have sold sex on the Internet at least once. To read this kind of… Read more »

From Way out West with love

Way out West a true highlight to all music lovers, has just ended. Prince was amazing! Last year I was looking after and  leggings and photographed all the cool ones. This year besides fashion I also have Fair Sex in mind.  You can read in various magazines about the festival fashion. Way out West is a city festival,… Read more »

Nothing’s made up – this is reality

Rasmus Andersson talks about something which changed his view on trafficking. He’s studying social science. Yesterday I saw one of the ubiquitous crime shows on TV. I was tired but not tired enough to fall asleep. So I was half-asleep and listened a bit to the show. After a while I was wide-awake. It was… Read more »

Me and my muffin top

Every time I’m at home in Stockholm, planning to go out to dinner or dance with my friends, I ask my two teenage sisters what to wear. They know what’s “in” and bluntly say if I look like shit. Sadly I often get comments like “you’re not gonna wear that are you…?” or “you can’t… Read more »