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Meet Klara Hedberg!

Meet Klara Hedberg our new online and digital advocacy facilitator. Klara comes to us from the YouTube Splay network and the artists’ booking agency Appelgren Friedner. Along with the rest of us at RealStars Klara will continue to work against trafficking with the “Fair Sex” message online,  run exciting projects and influence opinion. Hear her… Read more »

Fashion for Fair Sex

De flesta av oss gillar sex och mode. Så vi på RealStars tänkte; varför inte kombinera dessa två genom att skapa modeprodukter som kan säljas till förmån för arbetet mot trafficking? När du köper någon av våra produkter går alla intäkter oavkortat till att fortsätta kampen för ett Europa fritt från sexslaveri, prostitution och trafficking…. Read more »

The story of Emina’s internship

Hi, My name is Emina Hadzic and I’m an intern at RealStars. I’m studying my master in human rights at University of Gothenburg. I chose to do my internship at RealStars because I was curious to know how a nonprofit organization is working toward a crime that occurs both within national and international borders. At… Read more »

High school teachers in Gothenburg? Welcome to an inspiring meeting about digital teaching aids!

As you may know, Realstars is working on many issues of the society. We are collectively working for a socially sustainable society and base much of our work on the UNRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Now we are inviting, together with Center för… Read more »

Realstars is growing in 2015

RealStars can look back on an eventful year of 2014 with several successful influence campaigns. We have made a lasting impression on a local, national and EU level. The message of Fair Sex has reached thousands through different campaigns, and we have visited 3-5 different high schools this week alone. Please have a look at… Read more »

Young people in Vaestra Goetaland are discussing trafficking, prostitution, and sexual violations

During our school visits, we have had a lot of interesting discussions and value exercises with the young people that we meet. We discuss trafficking, prostitution, sexual harassment, what Fair Sex means, and everything there in between. Everything under the sun regarding these questions are discussed. The young people are always eager to discuss, and… Read more »

Human Rights Day: EU decision-makers get the uprising against trafficking

In conjunction with the Human Rights Day, December 10th, RealStars is paying attention to the slave trade in Europe and wants the uprising of tightening the law to stop trafficking, reach the EU’s decision-makers. Thousands of signatures have been collected throughout the year during our campaigns. The EU must make it a reality to protect… Read more »

Imagine if it was your mother, sister or cousin being assaulted. What would you have done then?

Trafficking is a violation that is performed by ordinary people. It is devastating to hear that 8% of all men in Sweden have contributed to this figure, by paying for sex. It is shameful, disgusting and absurd for these actions to proceed, and to miss out the larger problem. To be so incompetent and uncomprehending… Read more »