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Fair Sex online: the work of RealStars against online harassment

Five months ago we introduced Fair Sex online and the Fair sex agent Kim in order to strengthen the Fair Sex values on the internet so that Fair Sex can become reality both online and offline. One problem with the internet is the blurred lines that are growing bigger, which are simply used. When you… Read more »

We mark the European Day for Victims of Crime on Instagram

Today is the European Day for Victims of Crime and we take the opportunity to commemorate all trafficking victims with a series of illustrations that Dennis Johannson has created especially for our Instagram account: @kimrealstars Kim is the public face of RealStars’ online project Fair Sex Online. Kim is one of our agents who spreads stories… Read more »

Our work with Fair Sex Online continues

RealStars is working on the online project Fair Sex Online,, where our agents scan the internet and tip off the police about sexual violations on social media and suspected trafficking on escort sites. We are signing up more people who want to be Fair Sex-agents and keep an eye on the web for sexual… Read more »

Bildserie under Alla Hjärtans Dag

Idag är det alla hjärtans dag och många av oss visar extra uppskattning till våra nära och kära.  Den är en viktig dag som just borde vara fylld med kärlek, relationer och Fair Sex. Tyvärr ser världen inte ut så än. Trafficking, sexköp och sexövergrepp sker men är också ständigt närvarande på nätet. Vi har… Read more »

Are you creative and want to draw comics for Fair Sex on Instagram?

  RealStars has become known as an organisation which actively works against trafficking and sexual abuse with the message of Fair Sex. We are now looking for creative people to draw illustrations for our Instagram account KimRealstars, which is a part of our Fair Sex Online project.   The project has Instagram as one of… Read more »

Mapping of the Swedish Internet Sex Market: Part 3

The scale of the sex trade, prostitution and human trafficking is enormous, both on our streets and the Internet. But the question is: what is being done to put a stop to the trade on the Internet? RealStars has interviewed Police from Sweden’s three largest cities to look at what is being done to stop… Read more »

Survey of the Swedish Sex-purchase market on the Internet: Part 2

The most common way to buy sex today is through the internet. Most people have access to a computer, which means that anyone can buy sex at anytime. Everywhere in the world sex purchases are carried out and the contact is established on the internet. But how is the sex purchase really carried out on… Read more »

Mapping the Swedish Internet sex market: Part 1

Realstars has conducted a survey of the Swedish Internet sex market. It is a cynical market where bodies are treated like commodities. This survey is presented in a series of articles. Part 1 is presented below. What is the extent of the Swedish Internet sex market? According to information from the Police, between 200 and… Read more »