Our work with Fair Sex Online continues

RealStars is working on the online project Fair Sex Online, www.fairsexonline.se, where our agents scan the internet and tip off the police about sexual violations on social media and suspected trafficking on escort sites. We are signing up more people who want to be Fair Sex-agents and keep an eye on the web for sexual violations.  We have been training our agents so that they are even better prepared to spot such sexual violations and then act in accordance with our guidelines.

Different types of sexual assault circulating on the internet have recently been given media attention. At the beginning of the year Aftonbladet and SvD ran a major series of articles on documented child sexual abuse called #användarna. They received a lot of attention and it was clear that people who download have different backgrounds but those in the identified, high-profile cases were men.

The other week a rape was broadcast live on a Facebook group. Viewers reported it quickly so that police arrived on the scene and stopped the broadcast. However the rape was already over. It took a while before the police got the footage, but it seems they have now gathered sufficent evidence.

Here at Realstars we are noticing that the question of pornography is getting more and more attention, particularly amongst politicians. The figures show that 36 percent of content on the internet is porn, with a large part showing physical violence and 48 per cent verbal abuse. RealStars think it’s great that a debate on sexuality, relationships and the influence of porn is occuring, not least because porn can be documented sexual abuse and show sexual exploitation.


You can read more about our online work such as this at www.fairsexonline.se.

Finally, here’s a tip for how you can strengthen everyone’s safety and stop harrassment on the net:

Zip it, Block it, Flag it.


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