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Fashion for Fair Sex

De flesta av oss gillar sex och mode. Så vi på RealStars tänkte; varför inte kombinera dessa två genom att skapa modeprodukter som kan säljas till förmån för arbetet mot trafficking? När du köper någon av våra produkter går alla intäkter oavkortat till att fortsätta kampen för ett Europa fritt från sexslaveri, prostitution och trafficking…. Read more »

Clara Henry – you are a real star

Check out Clara Henry’s vlog! Clara Henry (Swedish blogger, video blogger, comic, TV host and author) doesn’t just say good things (we reckon) but she also wears very cool t-shirts! You can be as stylish as Clara, you’ll find the same t-shirts in our shop and at our friends at Junkyard. Read more from Clara… Read more »

New collection: Fair Fucking Sex thanks to collaboration with Junkyard

Our creative collaborations are amazing for raising awareness and contributing to change against trafficking and for Fair Sex. RealStars already has a partnership with Junkyard who supports our work. The collaboration has now been taken to a new level through a unique collection of garments including a dress, tights and a new t-shirt. Thank you!… Read more »

Jenny and Olivia answers three questions

Jenny and Olivia contacted RealStars because they, like us, want to spread the Fair Sex message through fashion. They have used the Fair Sex t-shirts and taken amazing photos as you can see below. They also agreed upon answering three questions about their opinions on trafficking and Fair Sex. You too can buy a t-shirt… Read more »

Fair Sex t-shirt at Butik Kubik

We are so happy that the RealStars Fair Fucking Sex t-shirt now is available at Butik Kubik. As they describe themselves, Butik Kubik is a small, colourful boutique that sells clothes produced in small scale. They also sell jewellery from independent Swedish designers, many of which are environmentally friendly in different ways. In this context,… Read more »

An afternoon filled with knowledge, strategies and methods for Fair Sex

  Our exciting event at Frilagret in Gothenburg on April 23 turned out to be a great success. Around 80 people showed up to listen to interesting lectures and panel discussions, view art and talk about the issues at hand. The topics discussed ranged from internet to young people and Fair Sex – sex on… Read more »

Realstars at Burgårdens graduation-show at Valand with Fashion for Fair Sex

Last night Real Stars participated in Burgården High School’s event at the nightclub Valand in Gothenburg. 40 students in their last year of Stylist Studies organized the evening and they showed fantastic make-up and hairstyles. There were models that wore RealStar’s Fair Sex T-shirts and we presented the message on stage before the show started… Read more »

AW (“Afterwork”) with LeNoir the Remakes and RealStars

On Thursday, the 26th of February, Aysha Jones, founder of LeNoir the remakes, organized an afterwork with RealStars at Champbell Lounge at Stureplan. LeNoir the remakes is a brand that focuses on sustainable fashion. By mostly doing remakes, they create beautiful, stylish clothes in an environmentally friendly manner. So cool! RealStars and LeNoir the Remakes… Read more »

Fair Sex T-shirt and bracelets at Guapa

RealStars uses fashion to spread the message: Fair Sex. We are now pleased to announce that our Fair Sex T-shirts and bracelets can be found in the Guapa store on Karl Gustavgatan 15 in central Gothenburg. In addition to our Fair Sex T-Shirt, you will find a wide variety of unique, cool clothes. Suitable for… Read more »

TSHIRT STORE new RealStars partner

RealStars are proud to announce that the FAIR SEX t-shirt can now be purchased at TSHIRT STORE. They describe the printed T-SHIRT as “FANTASTIC MEDIUM FOR people to express what they want, who they are and what they identify with. NO OTHER GARMENT CAN BE CHANGED and manipulated so easily. NO OTHER GARMENT is as… Read more »