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Fashion that cares

Ethics and fashion seems to be constantly topical and a part of CSR. No to Child labor, yes to good work conditions, clothes without dangerous chemicals and wages you can live off – Sustainable fashion is hopefully something everyone wants! Now and then the media shows us how it really looks. The companies reply is… Read more »

Fair Faces

As we have written before, there are sadly many ways girls and women can get in trouble due to their gender. Trafficking is the worst kind of abuse, but unfair sex is ubiquitous. It exists in many trades and all around Sweden and the world. Owning your own body is one of the most important… Read more »

Fashion for Fair Sex in the photo studio

When RealStars asked if I wanted to be the model with the leggings which during 2011 were a part of the organization’s campaign. I didn’t hesitate for a second even though I am camera shy. Having the opportunity to be a part of the marketing of Johanna Brag’s gorgeous 2012 design in the fight for… Read more »

Real beauty

Matilda Almelöv studies social science in senior high school and writes about having the courage to make your own choices. Beauty+money+several friends=happiness. If society had an equation which explained happiness, it would look kind of like that. There is a strong ideal of how one should act and what you should do to get to… Read more »

Do your clothes express your sexuality?

slut v. -n. sluts ( derogatory) frivolous woman” Swedish Academy word list – 2006 – Does this make me look slutty? It’s a quiet day in the big store. In the background pop-music can be heard while a salesman straightens a garment on a hanger. A woman pushes a pram slowly. My friend E is… Read more »

Shopping mad!

This last week I have gone autumn shopping mad! The only thing I want to do is to buy some fine autumn-clothes and prepare for the coming season of fantastic fashion! Since I am a student with very limited economy, I have to learn to buy clothes at the low-priced stores and find those rare… Read more »

From Way out West with love

Way out West a true highlight to all music lovers, has just ended. Prince was amazing! Last year I was looking after and  leggings and photographed all the cool ones. This year besides fashion I also have Fair Sex in mind.  You can read in various magazines about the festival fashion. Way out West is a city festival,… Read more »

Fashion with a message

Realstars believe every human has equal value. Freedom, self-worth and integrity. With freedom comes dreams, ambitions to make your dreams come true. Believe in yourself and spread your wings. 
 It feels like our lives today are already predetermined by rules we “must” adhere to. Adhere because you will gain respect and acceptance from the… Read more »