Fashion with a message

Realstars believe every human has equal value. Freedom, self-worth and integrity. With freedom comes dreams, ambitions to make your dreams come true. Believe in yourself and spread your wings. 

It feels like our lives today are already predetermined by rules we “must” adhere to.

Adhere because you will gain respect and acceptance from the people around you. By the way you dress, what schools you choose, what clubs you frequent and where you should live etc. Aren’t we hiding ourselves and our dreams by following these rules? Whatever happened to believing in yourself? What happened to the will to do your own thing?

I want to bring forth someone in the fashion world who I think does her own thing. It’s the designer Betsey Johnson. She is mostly known for her colorful, extravagant baby-doll dresses. Her design is imbued by her ability to renew herself without losing authenticity and the feeling of her clothes. Her love for stage clothes was the foundation of Betsey’s creativity and inspiration.

Today fashion is a big part of our lives in different ways and everyone can create a relation to it. ”Fashion for fair sex” is what we call the part of RealStars where we use design to promote the matter sex on equal terms which is the opposite of sex trafficking. I think that shows you can use something well known, like fashion and use it to bring a message.

Someone who has done this is the designer Katharine Hamnett who is best known for her t-shirts with political messages. ”Use a condom”, ”Peace” and ”Choose life” are some of those messages.

Another designer who does her own thing and made fashion into something of her own is Vivienne Westwood. She is best known for taking the modern punk and “new wave” fashion and made it into something mainstream. Vivienne has also used fashion to get political messages across. She joined a group for citizen’s rights, Liberty. She released exclusive limited t-shirts with the message ” I AM NOT A TERRORIST, please don’t arrest me”.

RealStars, a real star. As long as we believe in ourselves and try, we all have the chance to become a real star. Even if rules and guidelines exist, be brave enough to do your own thing.

Malin Skånberg for RealStars