Why does trafficking exist?

Trafficking is the second largest organised crime in the world only surpassed by narcotics, and it is also the crime that is increasing most rapidly. How is that possible? There are a few decisive reasons as to why trafficking excists. The single largest reason is that there is a demand.

The responsability of the sex buyer

The high demand for prostitutes is the reason sex trafficking exists. Everyone who has ever paid for sex or who has ever considered paying for another persons body would contribute to the demand. Just as in all other markets the supply is controlled by the demand. The sex buyer has a huge responsability for keeping the sextrade going. The more people who are willing to pay for sex the more prostitutes are needed. This leads directly to an increase in women and children being tricked into a life of sex slavery.

Holland and Germany are examples of countires in Europe with a liberal view on sex trade. Buying sex has become normalised in these countires which has lead to more poeple buying sex. The trafficking industry love these countires. They are very attractive destination countries for the people who are making money out of the sex trade. There is a direct connection between legislation and sex trafficking – in the countries where sex trade is legal you also find the most number of sex slaves.

Extreme profitability and low risk of getting caught

Sex trafficking is an extremely profitable industry. Contarary to a bag of cocaine you are able to sell a person again and again, up to ten times a day. The price of a human body can be pushed in both directions, it can either be made very cheap or very expensive, depending on present circumstances. Trafficking also includes an extremely low risk of getting caught as only one per cent of all trafficking cases lead to a conviction. Gaps in legislation, lack of resources and corruption are contributing factors to human trafficking being hard to expose.

Exploiting poverty and vulnerability

There are unequal circumstances in the world, where some people live in societies that offer few prospects for the future. This make them easy victims of human trafficking, where people use their hopes and dreams of a better life as bate. It is not the poverty itself that is the cause of human trafficking, but the fact that there are human traffickers, pimps and club owners who are prepared to abuse and exploit the their vulnerability in order to make money.