1. What does RealStars do?

RealStars is a not-for-profit organization that aims to promote Fair Sex and a better world, free from sex trafficking. RealStars works for a socially sustainable society and is founding its efforts on the UNs Convention on the Rights of a Child and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. RealStars works within Sweden and the EU, through campaigns and advocating, accelerating the preventive work to eliminate trafficking. Our goal is sharpened legal measures such as the Swedish law, which illegalizes the purchase of sexual services, which is an efficient tool to counteract the demand of these services.

Victor Hugo is believed to have said that “Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come”. Let us tell you why this is the time for Fair Sex.

2. What does Fair Sex entail?

All humans are of equal worth and all has the right to freedom. Obviously, you’d think. And yet, many are abused, especially women and children who fall victim for trafficking for prostitution purposes. RealStars takes a stand for Fair Sex. With the expression “Fair Sex” we claim that sex shall happen on equal terms, with interaction and respect. Besides this, we have no opinions regarding sex in and of itself.

Fair Sex cannot be bought, traded or sold. Sex trafficking is the opposite of Fair Sex and a crime towards basic human rights.

Through Fair Sex we want to serve as a positive influence!

3. RealStars ”Fashion for Fair Sex”

RealStars vision is simple: everyone can act to counteract trafficking. We have web-based campaigns and activities where everyone can take a stand for Fair Sex. Through our Fair Sex merchandise, we can reach a broader audience with our message. Today RealStars are selling T-shirts, bracelets and art to benefit the campaign against trafficking. As a consumer, you become a real star, an agent towards change who promotes Fair Sex and actively contributes to financing our campaigns against trafficking.

4. What is “Businesses Against Trafficking”?

The initiative ”Businesses Against Trafficking” entails businesses receiving support and knowledge to integrate the issue of trafficking in to overall CSR-efforts. During 2013, RealStars initiated a collaboration with Marknadscheferna and Carolina af Ugglas. Since then several interesting initiatives have taken off with the overall goal to promote awareness and exchanging experiences regarding how businesses can work to thwart trafficking.

5. Where does the money go?

All funds that RealStars receives through donations and the sale of merchandise is wholly put in to the organisations efforts to raise awareness, promote a political agenda and create change. This means that when you purchase one of RealStars’ products, or contribute to our organization in another manner, you enable us to reach even further with our preventative measures. You allow us to make sure that less people purchase sexual services, that more individuals takes a stand for Fair Sex, and most importantly – that more European countries adopts a law illegalizing the purchase of sexual services. By wearing our attire, you also show that you promote human rights and a world where Fair Sex is the norm!

We who work for RealStars promotes transparency and so online, there is a depiction of how the organisation operates.

6. Mission Statement

RealStars’ goal is to channel substantial support for having issues regarding sex trafficking and freedom established on to the EUs agenda and among other agents in society. We want to create positive changes for women and men together with these agents.

7. Our plan to end human trafficking

Pragmatic research shows that sex trafficking is more prevalent where there are people that wants to purchase sexual services. The exploitation continues to widen since it is very profitable and the risk of being caught is excessively low.

RealStars wants to see tangible changes, which will contribute to drastically diminishing the trade of sexual services, and contributes to a better society for all. Our agenda is therefore to push for measures which will interrupt and counteract demand, as prostitution is single-handedly the largest cause for sex trafficking. Those who are guilty shall be held accountable for the sexual exploitation. This will also undermine the profitability of sex trafficking. Therefore we work to spread the Swedish legislation which has proven to be an efficient tool to counteract prostitution and trafficking, and it brings focus on to the buyers responsibility for the exploitation.

8. How you contribute to freedom and Fair Sex?

In web-based campaigns and in public spaces where the campaign is visible for a broad public. Through various collaborations with partners, we become a stronger voice.

Become a RealStars member and join to influence.

Together we will show that there is a large commitment for the issue and that RealStars is offering a new and more fun way of contributing.

To be many that take a stand in a simple and tangible manner is what is needed to be able to shoulder great challenges and to reach the goal.

9. Our inspiration?

RealStars has its roots in Sweden. A humanitarian perspective and our desire to improve society significantly influence us.

We view the Swedish legislation, which has now been implemented for fifteen years, in a favorable light since it has proven to both tackle the demand and profitability. The legislation redirects focus on to the buyer as opposed the person who is being abused by prostitution. The legislation displays a desire to move our society forwards. We run campaigns to have other countries adopt the Swedish example because sex without respect, through violence or force is not a reality worthy of any individual in any nation.

10. Why is RealStars primarily focusing on Europe and the Swedish legislation?

The problem is global, but Europe is the part of the world with the largest amount of sexual slaves per inhabitant. How could that happen?

In many European countries, it is permitted to purchase sexual services. In these countries, prostitution is widespread and socially acceptable. This area is also where the most victims of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation are found. The fact that it is legal to purchase sexual services turns these countries in to attractive market spaces for human traffickers and pimps. Many of the women and children that has fallen victim to human trafficking can be found at thousands of legal brothels. Without legislation which enables police to act against sexual purchases, it becomes more difficult to stop the trade and expose human trafficking cases.

All prostitution entails some sort of coercion. A purchaser of sexual services cannot possibly determine if the prostituted individual is a victim of sexual trafficking or not.

We work widely to diminish demand and have the sex-purchasers shoulder responsibility for their actions by criminalizing the purchase of sexual services.

See our campaign: For Fair Sex