Would You Like RealStars to Visit Your School?

Fair Sex: Nätverket | Creativity for Fair Sex

RealStars is looking for collaborations with schools. Below you can find how we can help those who work with young people to raise the issue of trafficking and fair sex. Lectures, web games, and creative workshops are examples of our school initiatives, all of which are funded by Allmänna Arvsfonden. Thus, getting involved is completely free of charge for your school. 

Do You Want to Become a Fair Sex School?

By initiating this project in 2016, we took the issue into a deeper stage. Now, we want to establish Fair Sex schools and train Fair Sex ambassadors online and through IRL.

Fair Sex schools will be a gateway to ensure that the schools’ words and actions stimulate fair sex, sex which is based on equal terms and opposes prostitution, abuse, and trafficking.

The concept is that school is the place which shapes where students stand today. Their future is also based on the type of training received from the teacher and the themes in the curriculum. We need to ensure that the teachers integrate themes such as fair sex, norms, gender equality, and sex education into their teaching plan. To highlight the concept of Fair Sex, we involve students in creative workshops as a way to make a difference in the school and in the society.

Today, internet is a huge part of every youth’s daily life and thus, an important part of this project is to create Fair Sex agents online. Fair Sex: Nätverket is our online initiative which attempts to develop the concept of online fair sex agent, make us more visible and active in the community, and prevent sex abuse.

Would you like RealStars to visit your school or do you have questions on how our online game Fair Sex: Nätverket can be integrated into teaching? Do not hesitate to contact our project managers:

Stockholm: linda.nordby@realstars.eu
Gothenburg: frida@realstars.eu

Lectures and Workshops for Secondary School

RealStars conducts regular lectures on the subjects of  trafficking and sex trade. We also hold workshops on Fair Sex, sex on equal terms. The school project Creativity for Fair Sex is designed to increase young people’s knowledge and awareness on concepts of fair sex and human rights and contribute to making a better world. Students get involved in publicly sharing their opinions through creative expressions such as blog posts, letters to the editor, and petitions.

Click here to view some results of workshops held in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Enter into RealStars’ Instagram competition #forfair6

– Fair Sex means sex on equal terms with mutual respect and consent. Fair Sex cannot be traded, bought or sold. Participate in RealStars’ Instagram competition to make the world free from trafficking and to win fantastic prizes.

The theme for the competition is RealStars’ main message: Fair Sex. Draw inspirations from ‘Travel and Work’ and the other campaigns here.

How to enter,

1. To start, you need to follow RealStars_eu on Instagram and RealStars’ Fashion for Fair Sex on Facebook.

2. Think thoroughly how you can portray Fair Sex in one picture, and act. Remember that a picture is powerful than thousand words. Draw, paint, write down a message, take a photo or record a short movie -your creativity sets the boundaries.

3. Share your picture, photo or film on your Instagram account using the hashtag #forfair6. You need to have an open account or let us follow you so that we are able to see your contribution.

All the contributions will be published on realstars.eu and our site Creativity for Fair Sex on the last date of every month. During fall, several winners will be drawn by RealStars and receive fantastic prizes.

Join us and contribute to changing opinions, developing a Europe free from trafficking, and promote Fair Sex for everyone!

Fair Sex: Nätverket -Interactive, Online and Educational

In collaboration with Pedagogiskt Centrum, RealStars developed an interactive network that gives students knowledge to discuss issues related to sexual violation, harassment, sex trade, and trafficking. The material is called Fair Sex: Nätverket and helps teachers to include theses issues into the teaching as it’s closely connected to teaching plan.

Read more on www.realstars.eu/fairsex-natverket

We will help you to get started and jointly, we will plan how you can best make use of the material.

Please contact us on fanny@realstars.eu or malin@realstars.eu for more information.