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Växtkraft Thai begins to take form

The Realstars project Växtkraft Thai has recently begun to form, the aim is to provide support and better conditions for young women working at Thai massage institutes in Gothenburg, Malmö and Stockholm. The core is to be able to work in a serious and safe environment, within a healthy business and without stigma.   The… Read more »

New report on the human trafficking industries giant costs and suffering within the EU

New report on the human trafficking industries giant costs and suffering within the EU  All of those working against prostitution and trafficking are faced with a reality that is difficult to comprehend. Due to trauma and injuries, the process back to a normal life without exploitation is often long. A question asked by many is… Read more »

Växtkraft Thai is set to strenghten the Thai massage industry and prevent sex purchases

Realstars has launched a project funded by the Swedish Inheritance Fund to improve the possibilities of a better work environment together with the massage industry, public authorities and other organisations.  The massage industry and in particular Thai massage salons are one of the most insecure environments that present a risk for sexual exploitation in Sweden… Read more »

Israel got a new sex-purchase act in July, and introduced the “Nordic Model”

In July, after eighteen months of preparations, a sex purchase act has now been introduced in Israel. The legislation is described as a landmark with the hope of changing the lives of thousands of women and vulnerable groups in the country. Knesset accepted the proposal for a law that penalized purchases of sexual acts in… Read more »

RealStars’ first decade

Ten years, time flies. A glance back in time shows a large spectrum of efforts for Fair Sex and against trafficking. Thousands of people have gotten involved despite being a small organisation that is mainly project funded, which works as a catalyst through others and within networks for a more powerful impact. In the beginning… Read more »

Three men are letting a plate of pasta rot, in order to collect money to RealStars

The sex purchase by Paolo Roberto has led to the media and private individuals giving attention to prostitution and trafficking. Three friends discussed what had happened during a dinner and felt that they wanted to make a difference. – More men must dare to take a stand, says Sebastian Höglund, one of the men behind… Read more »

Are you familiar with these myths about prostitution and sex purchases?

When discussing sex purchases and the Swedish Sex Purchases Act, arguments are often mentioned which are based on myths. Below we list and deal with six myths that are used to justify sex purchases. “Selling sex is like any other job” Describing prostitution as “sex work” is to conceal the real suffering and violations that… Read more »

Press announcement: The sex buyer’s crimes worsen during the pandemic, and vulnerability increases

Despite the fact that we find ourselves in a pandemic with restrictions and social distancing, men are still wanting to purchase sex. Sex purchasing in hotels have become more difficult, which creates an increased concern for the vulnerability amongst workers on Thai massage parlors and for women and children on the internet. RealStars and the… Read more »

New laws regarding sexual exploitation of children

On May 1st, new laws came into force. The time for rape and genital mutilation against children was abolished and the minimum penalty for serious child pornography crimes increased. The amendments to the law mean that it is possible to report a rape or a female genital mutilation to a child, regardless of when the… Read more »