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Inspiring words from zr Technology, a new cooperative partner to RealStars

RealStars is incredibly pleased about the commitment that our cooperative partners show. Today we want to highlight Zoltan Raffai, a tech consult within automotive at zr Technology and he shares why his company has chosen to cooperate with RealStars. ”It is important to take responsibility for your surroundings. It is our responsibility as Gothenburgians to… Read more »

On the 8th of march we asked the question: ”Has your company taken a stand against the buying of sex?”

On the 8th of March we at RealStars were out and about in Stockholm and Gothenburg to ask questions that don´t sound like questions at all; ”Has your company taken a stand against the buying of sex? If not, why?” In connection with International Women´s Day on March 8th RealStars started its long-term work to… Read more »

RealStars is growing and mobilizing for Fair sex against trafficking 2017

RealStars is looking back at a year full of action where we take many challenges in society. We give impression in schools, among companies, and on EU – level. We are taking new efforts 2017 in order to get more people to join us for a Europé free from trafficking. 2016, a year with overtrow and a great… Read more »

The second KICK-OFF for volunteers this year

On Ascension Day last week a group of enthusiastic volunteers met for the second KICK-OFF of the year in Stockholm. This time Berns sponsored our meeting and provided us with a suite and refreshments. Berns, Stockholm, participates in Hotels Against Trafficking. There were lively discussions and intriguing questions debated. How can the city of Stockholm… Read more »

RealStars collaborates with cafés, restaurants and shops in Stockholm

RealStars has recently initiated multiple collaborations with movements in Stockholm, and they are constantly evolving. The collaborations constitute financial support for RealStars’ work, but first and foremost a chance to bring the problematic nature of trafficking to light and give more people the opportunity to take a stand for Fair Sex. At Ecoist Butik och… Read more »

Competence Day for Hotel and Tourism Industry – how we can counteract prostitution and trafficking

In mid April, close to 40 representatives for the hotel and tourism industry gathered at Clarion Hotel Post, to jointly strengthen the work to make sex purchase and trafficking difficult to pursue in the industry. Prostitution occurs in different arenas, and hotels are one of them. RealStars is seeing the work progressing, and the campaign… Read more »

More collaboration in Gothenburg

Since November 2015 RealStars has started several collaborations with businesses in Gothenburg and more is on the way. The partnerships is an economic aid for RealStars’ work but, above all, a chance to highlight the problem of trafficking and give more people the opportunity to take a stand for Fair Sex. Check out the shoe… Read more »

RealStars receives support from ‘APS Drift och Underhåll’

‘APS Drift och Underhåll’ work with everything from electricity, regulation, and Automatic Control for heating, ventilation and sanitation in Sweden. On their website the company explains that they are a business that values their CSR (corporate social responsibility) highly. They want to work hard for positive community development with strong consideration for the environment and… Read more »

An inspiring evening with Tomas Sjödin at the Clarion Hotel Post

On the evening of 25th January, 700 people gathered at the Clarion Hotel Post in Gothenburg to listen to Tomas Sjödin, author, columnist and an admired lecturer who inspires with his stories. RealStars are so pleased that together with Räddningsmissionen (the Rescue Mission) we were the charities for this event. The event began with a… Read more »

Hildur and its customers support RealStars

Hildur is an online store that works ethically, ecologically and economically for sustainable consumption. The store chose to support RealStars and its activities against trafficking and sex trafficking during the EU Anti-Trafficking Day held on October 18th. 20% of the store’s revenue generated on the day was donated to RealStars. The purpose of the campaign… Read more »