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RealStars’ Malin Roux and Parul Sharma from The Academy for Human Rights in Business discuss CSR and the work against sex trafficking

Yesterday, Shenet in cooperation with BPW – Business Professional Women – arranged an event at Kungsträdgården where the founder of RealStars Malin Roux, the human rights solicitor Parul Sharma from The Academy for Human Rights in Business, and a part of the corporate network CSR Sweden were a few of the participators. The theme was… Read more »

Swedish companies want to manage trafficking issues, but little is being done

RealStars made a small survey among the 20 largest public companies in Sweden about their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) work in trafficking issues. A key question was whether there exists any specific policy regarding purchase of sex and trafficking. All the companies that responded to the telephone survey base their sustainability efforts on initiatives such… Read more »

Beetroot – an IT firm that supports RealStars

Beetroot Resources is a Swedish IT firm based in Ukraine and Moldavia, that has chosen to support RealStars’ work against trafficking. “We operate in two countries that are very exposed as recruitment nations for sex trade and trafficking and being so close to the rugged reality of it, we feel that we want to actively… Read more »

Corporate Social Responsibility – involvement in trafficking issues November 21st

Welcome to an important seminar where trafficking is on the corporate agenda! Trafficking is now the second largest area of organised crime and it affects millions of people yearly. 76% of all human trafficking is for sexual purposes. The issue is a highly current event for corporates as globalization where different fields meets challenges as… Read more »

Watched Lilja 4-ever and was very moved

Marknadscheferna, Realstars and Caroline af Ugglas are cooperating against trafficking. Anders Grönvall: About his support for RealStars’ work against trafficking by purchasing Caroline af Ugglas’ painting. ”I wanted to do something to support the work against trafficking. A few years ago, I watched the movie Lilja 4-ever and was very moved. It happens here in… Read more »

Business Against Trafficking can be seen in the media

It is now possible to read about our collaboration with businesses to encourage social responsibility against trafficking, in the GT newspaper. We are immensely thankful for all our partners who have made this project possible; Caroline af Ugglas, Marknadscheferna, Elanders, Faceways and A-ramar. Thank you! Malin for Realstars Sign our petition for a Europe free… Read more »