Beetroot – an IT firm that supports RealStars

Beetroot Resources is a Swedish IT firm based in Ukraine and Moldavia, that has chosen to support RealStars’ work against trafficking.

“We operate in two countries that are very exposed as recruitment nations for sex trade and trafficking and being so close to the rugged reality of it, we feel that we want to actively and purposefully take a stand. Trafficking with people as a commodity is a problem with many facets. On the one hand, there is a shortage of meaningful employment in the exposed areas. In that case we can play an important role in creating qualified employment opportunities. On the other hand, there is a demand that needs to be choked and to achieve that, RealStars has an important role to play and has concrete opportunities to influence the situation. Overall it is about the attitude to the entire problem and it is an obvious step for us to support the work of RealStars”, said Andreas Flodström.