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Students want Fair Sex to be a matter of course in society.

At the end of September Södra Latins High School organised themed study days for students from the Social Studies and Introductory Language programmes. The theme of the study days was the terms on which we have sex. As well as deepening understanding of Fair Sex – and its opposite, trafficking and prostitution – the activity… Read more »

Porn – a phenomenon that awakes reactions and needs to be discussed

Today’s normalization of porn where we are exposed by our own or other’s consumption is striking. What alternative is there but mainstream porn? RealStars emphazises the most important part of the scool. Laure Olivia is in charge of young people’s engagement in the chairity organisation FiLiA, that work’s for women’s rights. She recently wrote an… Read more »

Fair Sex skolorna tar sommarlov

Fair Sex skolorna tar sommarlov och laddar batterierna inför hösten med det tackar vi Borgarskolan i Gävle för sina bidrag till Creativity for Fair Sex som nu ligger uppe på sajten. Aldrig är det försent att göra skillnad och bidra till en bättre värld fri från trafficking. Sommaren har mött oss med sin fantastiska sol… Read more »

Thank you Swedish National Inheritance Fund, all teachers, schools and students!

This year is coming to an end and so does RealStars’ three-year Swedish National Inheritance Fund Project Fair Sex: The network and creative expression. As Process Managers we want to tell you about our work the past year, and thank the teachers, school and, above all, the thousands of students we have had the opportunity… Read more »

RealStars <3 Södra Latin

Students at Södra Latin have been working on creative projects contributing to one of RealStars’ campaigns, and last week we were invited to the school to view their amazing creations. All artwork can be found here! The project took its starting point in that the students were given a task by RealStars who acted as… Read more »

Winners in our Instagram competition #forfair6 – November

Today, the winners of November’s RealStars’ Instagram competition was nominated – winners will receive a t-shirt of choice. The winning entries can also be found on our Instagram: realstars_eu and on Creativity for fair sex. Congratulations to Louise Langetun and Filip Andersson, winner of the competition! You are real stars! RealStars’ Instagram competition is ongoing… Read more »