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There are REALSTARS in every classroom

This week, RealStars visited Nacka gymnasium and the International English Gymnasium in Södermalm. At Nacka gymnasium, a lecture was given for a class that studies Hotel and Tourism. The following discussions were therefore focused on RealStars work within the hotel sector; how hotels can work together and how the travelling industry can play an active… Read more »

Imagine if it was your mother, sister or cousin being assaulted. What would you have done then?

Trafficking is a violation that is performed by ordinary people. It is devastating to hear that 8% of all men in Sweden have contributed to this figure, by paying for sex. It is shameful, disgusting and absurd for these actions to proceed, and to miss out the larger problem. To be so incompetent and uncomprehending… Read more »

Grand Lecture at Drottning Blankas High School in Kungsbacka

Foto: Anna Lindeborg On the West coast, the school visits continue. Today, I held a lecture at the Drottning Blankas High School in Kungsbacka. The majority of the school’s students from all grades were gathered. A total of 100 students attended the lecture. Many students signed the petition to help us in our work against… Read more »

The exhibition in Nacka Art Gallery with Fair Sex-photos among others

The graduating photography students from Media gymnasium are portraying today’s Sweden based on their own impressions and experiences. The exhibition has various themes, such as identity, lifelong love, social media and the ambivalent relationship between urban and rural areas. The exhibition also devotes an entire room for the theme Fair Sex – against trafficking and… Read more »

Students take charge of sex education

Every week, RealStars visits an average of two schools in order to inform about trafficking, sex trade and their contrast: Fair Sex. This subject has always generated strong feelings and reactions, but of late a new perspective has surfaced: the disappointment over how little subjects such as these are addressed at school. While some subjects… Read more »

RealStars conducts lectures for entire schools!

Students from the Frida Upper Secondary School in Vänersborg. Lately RealStars have been conducting several mass lectures at upper secondary schools, among others for the entire Frida upper secondary school in Vänersborg and Drottning Blankas upper secondary school in Kungsbacka. Both lectures were for approximately 150 students. At the Frida school we also conducted practical… Read more »

Introduce more information on trafficking, sex and norms in schools says students at Nacka Upper Secondary School

Last week RealStars visited a senior class at the Nacka upper secondary school in Stockholm to lecture on trafficking and to host a workshop where students were invited to reflect and participate in the advocacy work for Fair Sex – on equal terms. The class was separated into smaller groups, which during four minutes had… Read more »