Porn – a phenomenon that awakes reactions and needs to be discussed

Today’s normalization of porn where we are exposed by our own or
other’s consumption is striking. What alternative is there but
mainstream porn? RealStars emphazises the most important part of the

Laure Olivia is in charge of young people’s engagement in the chairity
organisation FiLiA, that work’s for women’s rights. She recently wrote
an interesting article about porn; The impact of porn on girls is too
big to ignore. Here, she points out that girls are affected by porn
culture weither they want to or not because boys and men in their
surroundings consumes porn and actualizes it in sexual relations and
in their values.

According to the article, this porn culture that objectifies women’s
bodies effects women and girls to change their appearance in order to
adjust to ”the normative porn” as for example ”breast argumentation,
Dieting. Pubic hair removal.”.

The culture that followed along with camera cell phones, especially
since smartphones, encourages girls to take naked pictures of each
other and use sexting. The pictures are at risk to be spread, against
their will, to other men or even on porn sites, when some ex
boyfriends use that as a revange.

Men and boys who has commited sexually assult says that they where
inspired by porn. But there is a duality in this problem. There is no
sure research about that it is the porn who turns them into rapists.
It could might as well be that those who commits assult is into that
type of porn. This unsureness within the reserach is Maria Ahlin and
Ulrica Stigberg bringing up in the book Visual drug (visuell drog).

Ahlin and Stigberg also describes in Visual drug, that those who
consumes the most is also often those who wants to see more and more
brutal stuff. At the same time there is also porn impotens which is a
non-scientific concept. Porn impotens means that those who consumes
alot of porn only becomes aroused by porn and not by actual people.
Nothing happens. If this would be true is it also contrarious to what
porn consumption really does. It is also clear that that a big
consumption of porn is a signal, a symptom, that something is not
right. This person has some sort of problem with relationships and
life in general.

The porn still makes ordinary boys and men want to try things they
have seen, with girls and women that they are in sexual relationships
with. Women doesn’t want that in the same mesure. In NSPCC’s rapport,
that Laure Olivia reffers to, it shows that 44% of the men and 29% of
the women wants to try what they have seen in online porn.

In this way women are effected by the porn weither or not they are
consuming it themselves or not. Laure Olivia thinks that we should
put an end to porn, stop that porn cultures becomes normalized and
never accept that women’s bodies and sexuality is objectified.
Unfortunatly Laure doesn’t have a positive Fair Sex – perspective
about how sexually active shall be inspired and dare to try new things
that both partners wants. She gives us no alternative. It is clear in
the NSPCCS’s investigation that those who wants to try new new things
are left out to be inspired by porn. Third wave feminism is trying to
create alternative porn, and whatever we think of that, it feels like
a reasonable alternative.

We on RealStars makes sure that we must bring attention to everything
that could contribute to distort values about sex that crosses a line
and violates another person’s dignity and sexual intigrity. We also
see that the schools play and important part to create a discussion
about sexuality and to bring attention to a positive entry to sex and
relationships as a counterweight to the porn. RealStars are orderly
following the developement and can see that the matter becomes more
up-to-date trhought the internet where revenge porn is an example that
can hurt a person during a long period of time because images and
violations is left on the internet.