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Three questions for Kristin Kaspersen

Kristin Kaspersen has led some of Sweden’s most popular television shows throughout the years. Since 2013 she has released four books about health and wellbeing, a matter in which she also holds lectures and that is prominent on her Instagram account. Now, she has answered RealStars’ three questions. 1. What makes you happy? – To… Read more »

Fair sex at Järvaveckan

RealStars had the privilege of being present at Järvaveckan 2018. A special thanks to Parul Sharma, the ambassador for RealStars, and CSR Sweden who invited us to their tent. The purpose was to spread knowledge and create engagement about Fair Sex, and to work against trafficking and sex purchasing. In addition, we even had time… Read more »

Three questions to Ulrika Rogland 

RealStars regularly interviews people who play an important role in areas relating to trafficking, prostitution and assault. We now have the honour of hearing what Ulrika Rogland thinks about sex crimes and how one can work against them, especially within schools. Ulrika Rogland is one of these important voices. Ulrika previously worked as a prosecutor… Read more »

Three questions for Rickard Söderberg

Opera singer Rickard Söderberg was happy to answer our three questions: 1. What do you think is important in life? The most important this in life is love. Love for yourself. Love for others. Both giving and receiving love. Because when we are surrounded by warmth and love, we become strong and are able to… Read more »

Three questions for Bahar och Louise

RealStars recently met with Bahar Kimanos and Louise Helldén who have started the first Realstars’ Students Union at Kungsholmen Gymnasium. We took the opportunity to ask them three questions: What makes you happy? “My friends. They make me laugh and smile” – Louise “Friends and family (and my computer)” – Bahar What would you do… Read more »

Jenny and Olivia answers three questions

Jenny and Olivia contacted RealStars because they, like us, want to spread the Fair Sex message through fashion. They have used the Fair Sex t-shirts and taken amazing photos as you can see below. They also agreed upon answering three questions about their opinions on trafficking and Fair Sex. You too can buy a t-shirt… Read more »

Three questions for Ann-Britt Ryd at Meg 2015

Ann-Britt Ryd, newscaster and journalist at Sveriges Television (the Swedish Television), answered our three questions in relation to International Women’s Day. What makes you happy? Friendly colleagues, children, grandchildren and hockey. And interesting people. What would you do to make the world a better place? Start being nicer to one another and be more genuine…. Read more »

Three questions to Magnus Rosén during Meg 2015

Another person we bumped into during the day of Marketing Managers and Meg fair was the bass player of Hammerfall, Magnus Rosén, in connection with Friskonomen. Here is how he responded to our three questions:  What makes you happy? Love, consideration in both ways, understanding and respect for each other. What would you do to… Read more »