Three questions for Rickard Söderberg

Opera singer Rickard Söderberg was happy to answer our three questions:RickardSöderberg

1. What do you think is important in life?

The most important this in life is love. Love for yourself. Love for others. Both giving and receiving love. Because when we are surrounded by warmth and love, we become strong and are able to stand up against the darkness that sometimes takes over the world…

2. What would you like to see more of in todays society?

There are already many people who want to do good, and that is amazing. Although, sometimes I would like to see even more people stand with their backs straight for the values that are most important; Respect, humility and of course… love!

3. What challenges to you see in accessing trafficking and other expressions for unfair sex (different forms of abuse)?

Trafficking is one of the most hateful things I can possibly imagine, and on all levels of society, country, region and county, the resources need to grow in order to guarantee protected living, social support, rehabilitation for the people who have been exposed – and so the perpetrators can be found and pay for what they’ve done.
Further, close collaborations are needed between the public and the non-profit organisations who carry an enormous knowledge and experience on the question.
Trafficking doesn’t let itself be stopped by boarders between countries, so Sweden need to take a bigger responsibility to stop trafficking and unfair sex by taking initiatives towards more long-term and deeper collaborations with governments of other countries and non-profit organisations.