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Three questions for Emil Jensen

It’s time to ask three questions to someone we like. This time it’s Emil Jensen, the artist with many projects. On the Anti-Trafficking Day at Moderna Museet we listened to Emil who of course was most enjoyable. 1. What makes you happy? Sweet loving, close friends, distant friends, nice and uncomfortable culture, meditative long-distance running,… Read more »

Three questions for Kitty Jutbring

Kitty is another fascinating person who answers RealStars’ three questions. Kitty Jutbring has several projects in music, media and entertainment. She can be heard on the radio at P3-Star on P3. 1.       What makes you happy? When you start with something precious you can get absorbed and important enough to lose oneself for a while…. Read more »

Three questions for Caroline af Ugglas

Three new answers for three new questions. This time an impulsive and energetic artist with a sincere voice. These are the answers from Caroline af Ugglas, who moved many watching “Melodifestivalen” with ”Snälla, snälla”. 1.       What makes you happy? The sun, music, art, nature, family, friends, animals and chocolate. 2.       How would you make the… Read more »

The Swedish Institute – a visitors program for distribution of the Swedish example

The Swedish Institute (SI) has several assignments to promote Sweden internationally. Culture, society, education, economy, democracy and global development comes to mind. The Swedish Institute’s work against human trading and prostitution is very important to us. We have posed some questions to the project leader of the mission, Ulrika Rosvall Levin. 1. Can you briefly… Read more »

Thomas Hammarberg – about Trafficking in Europe

For most of his life, Thomas Hammarberg has worked with increasing the protection of human rights through various international assignments, such as the Council of Europe’s Commission for Human Rights. Thomas was given the Nobel Peace Prize in 1977 on behalf of Amnesty International. What are you focused on today? – The constant struggle for… Read more »

Three questions for Emma S

Three new questions are asked to the supermodel Emma Wiklund. Emma is a woman of many talents. We have seen her as a broadcaster, actress – and now she has success as self-employed for the skin-care brand Emma S. 1. What makes you happy? – My family, exercise, good food, travel and my friends. 2…. Read more »

Three questions for The Naima Train

RealStars are happy and proud to present Maria Nyström – better known as The Naima Train – one of our two great singers at tomorrow’s event against trafficking. You will be playing a song by Björk at the Club-event for Fair Sex- why did you pick that song? I chose to play the song Cocoon…. Read more »

Three questions for Sebastian Wijk

Sebastian Wijk is a fantastic singer-song writer who will perform at RealStars’ club-event at Win Win in Gothenburg next Thursday May 24. Read more about Sebastian and listen to his music here. What makes you happy? When there are no grey clouds in my heart. That’s when I’m happy. What would you do to make… Read more »

“When it comes to money – women and children are still considered as goods.”

During last Tuesday RealStars were present at an inspiring breakfast lecture with Amelia Adamo, a journalist and entrepreneur, which was arranged by the Chalmers (the University of Gothenburg) and Connect Väst. We asked this Swedish newspaper queen Three Questions and she conveyed great experience through her answers. What makes you happy? The feeling of selling… Read more »