Three questions for Kitty Jutbring

Kitty is another fascinating person who answers RealStars’ three questions. Kitty Jutbring has several projects in music, media and entertainment. She can be heard on the radio at P3-Star on P3.

1.       What makes you happy?

When you start with something precious you can get absorbed and important enough to lose oneself for a while. It can be something cosmetic, like giving someone a nice haircut or something greater like committing to this cause. Being together with good people and don’t compromise with your instinct.

2.       How would you make the world a better place?

I try to live and learn as much as I can. I use public transport, I am a vegan, a member of Unicef and Amnesty. I also try to be conscious of choices I make and how I treat others regardless of their class. But there is a risk in being completely politically correct, it’s important not to be too judgmental. It’s very annoying with people who preach and tell you how to live your own life. I try to be good enough and do what I can… but I always feel I should do more. Right now I’m sitting here wearing my leather shoes and feel ashamed. I don’t want to throw them away but I can at least refrain from buying more, right?

3.        What social challenges must be overcome in order to hinder trafficking and unfair sex (various kinds of abuse).

I am not really familiar with this, but I can make some guesses:

– Change the view on people in general, especially women and children around the world.

– Pass new laws, put pressure on countries, governments and regimes who don’t act accordingly.

– Put focus on the issue and talk as much as possible about it. Talk about everything from domestic abuse and teenage violence to the vast international, systematic trafficking mess.

Take action – FOR FAIR SEX and a Europe free from Trafficking!