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Three questions for Martin Schibbye during Meg 2015

During the marketing days and the Meg-fair RealStars met Martin Schibbye, journalist and co-writer to the book 438 days. The book is about his and Johan Perssons time spent in an Ethiopian prison. In connection to the International Womensday, we asked him three questions. 1. What makes you happy? Doing a good job. My daughter…. Read more »

Three questions to our intern Tord Ranheim

Three questions to our intern Tord Ranheim who trained with us between January and March of this year. Hello Tord, great that you do your internship with us! – I think so too! – How is it that you have chosen Realstars? – I studie the last semester of my Bachelor’s degree in global studies,… Read more »

Questions to the Rescue Mission

The Gothenburg Rescue Mission aim is to recognize and counter the social conditions that lead to and exacerbate vulnerability and exclusion. They work on a broad basis with the vision that “every person has the right to a dignified life.” We asked a few questions to the Rescue Mission and here are the answers. You… Read more »

Filip och Fredrik has answered our three questions

The popular entertainers Filip and Fredrik answer three questions. 1. What makes you happy? Open fires. The song ‘Spanish is the Loving Tongue’. Old people. 2. What would you do to make the world a better place? Visit old people. 3. What are the challenges for society in getting to trafficking and expressions of unfair… Read more »

Andreas Grega answered our three questions

1. What makes you happy? A lot of things make me happy, it can vary so much, sometimes it’s the rain that makes me happy, sometimes the sun. It depends on where I am in life and what gives balance right then. Happiness exists in short and long moments but the simplest things are often… Read more »

Clara Henry

It was about time for Clara Henry to answer our three questions. Clara is a well-known blogger, comedian and anchor, who has gotten involved in the battle against sex trafficking.  1. What would you do to make the world a better place? That is a really difficult question, especially if you are like me and… Read more »

Gudrun Schyman

The fact that Feministic Initiative (FI), the Swedish party of which Gudrun Schyman is the leader, did incredibly well in the latest election of the European Parliament is exciting news. In a tent by the stage during West Pride in Gothenburg, Realstars managed to steal a few minutes of Gudrun’s time before it was her… Read more »

Three questions for Parul Sharma

Parul Sharma, Human Rights lawyer and principle at the Academy for Human Rights in Business has extensive experience of CSR-issues in Sweden and abroad. Parul is now a RealStars ambassador and a member of the organizations advisory board. Here she answers our questions on human trade and societal challenges. 1. What would you do to… Read more »

Five questions for Alexandra Pascalidou

We continue our Realstars tradition where we pose questions to various individuals. We ask them to reflect on Fair Sex and its opposites. This time we asked  Alexandra Pascalidou. You know her for her multi-talent; as a journalist, writer, broadcaster, producer, lecturer and master of ceremonies. Realstars’ plans are in full motion in time for… Read more »

Rebecca och Fiona

Real Stars were in place at Almedal this year. A great meeting place and an interesting forum for Swedish politics. However the lack of seminars on trafficking was blately obvious. We searched around for related issues and ended up at a seminar on the Human Rights Defenders where Rebecca and Fiona were playing. In the… Read more »