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Three questions to Matilda Sjöström, Steget

My name is Matilda Sjöström and I´m 29 years old. I live in the best city in the world, Gothenburg, and I just had my second child and life is sweet. I´m a singer in the band Steget. True love and music is the best thing I know. Besides this I´m a project manager, I… Read more »

Three questions to Henning Mankell

RealStars has three new answers, this time from Henning Mankell. We met him recently at the UNICEF conference about human trafficking where he was one of the speakers. Profession: Writer and director at Teatro Avenida in Maputo What do you think is important in life? To believe that it must be possible to create a… Read more »

Fair Sex is a challenge on many levels

Name: Therese Albrechtson Age: 25 Lives: Göteborg. Profession: entrepreneur, today known for the book “Våga Vårda Vinn” and the new company, Academy of Excellence, a school for entrepreneurs. Three questions from RealStars – three new answers. 1. What do you think is important in life? Primarily, the most important thing in life is that I… Read more »

Steal with pride… using a good idea

From now on we are going to invite interesting people to give their views on Fair Sex and personal values. Some west Swedish companies (Preera, Volvo IT and Fortos Mangement Consulting) has taken the initiative to survey values in Sweden. We think this is an exciting idea. These companies want to encourage reflection and dialogue….. Read more »