Fair Sex is a challenge on many levels

Name: Therese Albrechtson Age: 25 Lives: Göteborg. Profession: entrepreneur, today known for the book “Våga Vårda Vinn” and the new company, Academy of Excellence, a school for entrepreneurs.

Three questions from RealStars – three new answers.

1. What do you think is important in life?

Primarily, the most important thing in life is that I and the people around me feel good . Nothing else matters in life and you can’t appreciate other things in the same way if you don’t feel good. In addition to that, there are thousands of secondary important things.

2. What would you like to see more of in the society?

My job is to inspire other people to find their dream and passion. Therefore I think it is important to build up confidence. I want to see more brilliance and help other people to find their passion. I think many people do things due to others’ expectations. I’m thinking about a lot of young people who do stuff they think their families or friends want them to do. Most of us live safely here in Sweden and it is important to take advantage of it. Life is too short to be lived for someone else’s dream.

3.Does “Fair Sex” as a term have the status it deserves in the society and what challenges do you see?

No, I don’t think so. There’s a lot to be done. That is why I started with the Bodyguard Safety products. I was drunk at a bar and later I read in the newspaper that five girls had been raped the same night. My friends took care of me for which I’m very thankful. I became very agitated and it became an issue I wanted to do something about. In fact, why are you supposed to be afraid of assaults? I started getting involved in the issue of rape and the security industry with personal safety products. Many women are vulnerable and get violated but I found out that many guys are vulnerable too. Guys are often stronger than women but they can become victims as well. Some guys become falsely accused and there are many guys who get raped and don’t have the courage to talk about it which I learned about through mail-contact. Fair Sex is a challenge on many levels and all of us have to fight for it.

How do you use legwear? Do you have any favourite leggings?

I wear leggings all the time. I prefer black because I often wear dresses that draw a lot of attention.

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