Three questions to Ulrika Rogland 

RealStars regularly interviews people who play an important role in areas relating to trafficking,
prostitution and assault. We now have the honour of hearing what Ulrika Rogland thinks about
sex crimes and how one can work against them, especially within schools. Ulrika Rogland is
one of these important voices. Ulrika previously worked as a prosecutor of sex crimes and drew
attention to herself for the strong position she took. Today Ulrika is a counsel and spreads her
knowledge through lectures and courses on grooming, sex crime towards children and adults,
violence in close relationships and co-operation with various governmental departments.

– You have had different roles within the justice system. What kind of work do you
do today in order to reduce different forms of sex crimes?
 I now work as a counsel, that means I represent those who have been victims of crime. I give lectures and hold debates on these subjects and I have just become a member of the Liberals. I continue to influence things in these different ways.

– Issues like sex crimes are difficult and sensitive topics. What do you want to bring
to the forefront as the most important thing that needs to be addressed in order to
change what´s happening on the internet?
More training for those who work with children. When children go online they are alone. Knowledge and a continual discussion about what happens there can get children and youths talking to adults about their experiences and, in this way, can put a stop to crime, for example. At present almost no one speaks about these things.

– Children and youths are especially vulnerable. Do you have any tips or advice for
us at RealStars, who work for Fair Sex schools, with the the school staff and
students, on how to work against infringements? 
My tip is to give advice. Get children and youths to understand that they have not done anything wrong, so that they dare to speak about it. Then may be, above all, inform them that there is help at hand and that everything will be alright again. Imagine schools having things such as weekly discussions like “What´s it like for you on the internet?”. It  is also important to talk about sex in general. What is O.K. and not O.K. It is important to make clear what assault is and that sex against someone´s will is a crime and is never O.K.