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Art for Fair Sex at Lagerhuset Sep 6

We had an amazing evening together with almost 120 visitors at Lagerhuset. RealStars’ artistic project manager Amanda Frövenholt was in charge of the event together with our founder Malin Roux who spoke to an enthusiastic audience about RealStars’ work against trafficking and prostitution. Eva Magnusson from The City Executive Office and Gregory McDermott , director… Read more »

High School students are guest blogging: ”Every individual should have the right to be free”

What I’d like to say about trafficking, sex trafficking that is, is that it is illegal in most of the European countries which I find incredibly good. Outside of Europe, other countries are also making progress. In Sout Africa, for example, a number of cases of trafficking have recently led to prosecutions. A conviction was… Read more »

Guest blogging high school students: “Being a woman in today’s society”

I thought of something regarding trafficking. Some people think it’s okay. There are men who claim to have the right to disparage women by forcing, threatening and abusing them, to have their way. Men who find women in grave need of money, then exploiting that need. Sex slaves have existed since ancient times, hundreds of… Read more »

RealStars at Angeredsgymnasiet

Angeredsgymnasiet had a equal treatment day last Tuesday. Different organizations had lectures about issues which involves and affects. RealStars was visiting one of the classrooms. Trafficking and prostitution: Many people have opinions, thoughts and feelings when it comes to those matters. The students find discussing sex and abuse to be interesting, shocking and important. During… Read more »