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Do you believe ‘the happy hore’ is real?

Join us for one of our school visits with our process leaders. During the visit at Sigtuna Folkhögskola the fourth week of January this question was posed by a student: ‘What is interesting is that every time I talk to guys about this question they reply in a completely different way than us girls. I… Read more »

The Swedish Sex Purchase Act: what are the benefits? And is there a connection between the porn industry and human trafficking?

During the third week of January Realstars visited a number of high schools in the Stockholm area: Kunskapsgymnasiet in the Ericsson Globe and Fredrika Bremergymnaiserna in Haninge. We discussed many different and interesting subjects, in particular the Swedish Sex Purchase Act which was introduced in 1999. This act implies that a person who purchases sexual… Read more »

Students at Borgarskolan in Gaevle discuss how the hotel industry, tourism industry, and trafficking are interrelated

On Wednesday the 14th of January, RealStars visited Borgarskolan in Gaevle. The students there are awesome, and study hotel- and tourism management. During our workshop, the students discussed how the hotel industry, the tourism industry, and trafficking are interrelated. They wrote the discussion outcomes down on posters, and also proposed suggestions on how the different… Read more »

Young people in Vaestra Goetaland are discussing trafficking, prostitution, and sexual violations

During our school visits, we have had a lot of interesting discussions and value exercises with the young people that we meet. We discuss trafficking, prostitution, sexual harassment, what Fair Sex means, and everything there in between. Everything under the sun regarding these questions are discussed. The young people are always eager to discuss, and… Read more »

Pictures from our school visits

A picture says more than a thousand words, as the saying goes. To see specific works that students have done, stay updated on Creativity for Fair Sex.  Are you a teacher or a student and want that Real Stars visit your school in 2015? Do not hesitate to contact any of our process managers Anna Lindeborg,… Read more »

RealStars evokes engagement in classrooms

In collaboration with RealStars, performing students attending the Aesthetic Communication 2 course at the Media School, have created personal digital stories around the theme of borders and boundaries. The project began with RealStars giving a lecture and workshop on trafficking and Fair Sex, and on this basis, work began on the digital stories. “Digital Story”… Read more »

Creativity was flowing on Ingrid Segerstedts Gymnasium

Last Tuesday, we spend a full day at the Ingrid Segerstedts Gymnasium in Gothenburg. The school hosted a culture day and it was boiling with creativity throughout the day. We had a total of three different gatherings that began with a joint lecture on trafficking, prostitution and how we together can make a difference –… Read more »

“Together we can change gender norms in an early age”

“Thank you for coming. I just don’t understand why we were the only ones allowed to listen, the whole school should have been here.” The last two weeks, RealStars have visited schools in Trollhättan, Skövde, Tibro and Göteborg. Our visits have been very busy and we have learned a lot. At Västerhöjds gymnasium in Skövde,… Read more »