RealStars evokes engagement in classrooms

In collaboration with RealStars, performing students attending the Aesthetic Communication 2 course at the Media School, have created personal digital stories around the theme of borders and boundaries. The project began with RealStars giving a lecture and workshop on trafficking and Fair Sex, and on this basis, work began on the digital stories.

“Digital Story” is the start of the autumn semester’s final project “Serious Games”, which is a game genre where the games’ primary purpose is not to entertain but to influence. The students’ work will be included in the Media Gymnasiets gathered exhibition “The other”. Two of the students’ films will be published under the project Creativity for Fair Sex shortly.
Previous week also included a visit to Kungsholmens Västra Gymnasium, where RealStars gave a lecture before a Sociology class and Criminology class.
“Thank you for coming to our school and lecturing about trafficking. It is so strange that we do not hear more about this topic in school. If it was up to me, discussions on the topic Fair Sex would be included in the curriculum! “
Quotes like these, makes it clear that RealStars is playing an important role in efforts to lecture on sextrafficking and arrange workshops on the theme of Fair Sex – Sex on equal terms. School visits are an essential tool to practically engage younger generations in the structural change process, and to give them the opportunity to reflect on current attitudes and norms regarding purchase of sex and the sexuality.

Students are hungry for knowledge and they tend to stay behind after lectures and ask questions and share their reflections. One pupil stated the following “after the lecture, I realized how obvious it is how norms and beliefs about sex and gender roles leads to sex purchases and other types of abuse.”

Are you a teacher or a student and want RealStars to visit your school? Please contact Process manager Emily Norling at for visits around Stockholm or Anna Lindeborg at for Gothenburg.