Young people in Vaestra Goetaland are discussing trafficking, prostitution, and sexual violations

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During our school visits, we have had a lot of interesting discussions and value exercises with the young people that we meet. We discuss trafficking, prostitution, sexual harassment, what Fair Sex means, and everything there in between.

Everything under the sun regarding these questions are discussed. The young people are always eager to discuss, and it is very clear that these are questions that interest and engage.

When we are visiting schools, our focus is action! For example, we discuss questions like what can be done regarding trafficking and sexual harassment, and what can be done by you, the students of this school? The teachers? What can the government and the community do? Staff at nightclubs? The police? Your parents?

From the discussions in Vaestra Goetaland during the period from October to December in 2014, we have concluded six points below.

1. Education at an early age! This is something that always comes up in our discussions. Knowledge and working against ignorance is very important for them.
2. All individuals have a responsibility to not violate anyone. The students point out that everyone has a responsibility, not only the violated or the violator, but other people as well.
3. Support the exposed – both at an individual level, but also in the community. This regards both victims of trafficking, rape, and people that are exposed to sexual harassment or violations.
4. Change gender norms-and sex norms. A lot of students find increased knowledge regarding gender norms to be a crucial part of the work, and that this should be included in the schools own dealing with basic values. They think that this is the foundation of change.
5. Think more about the meaning of words and to not continue spreading rumours. This is often the answer to how violating words and comments can be worked against. That it is important to think of what words they are using, like foul language or violating words, and why it is important to stop the spreading of rumours.
6. More police work and courage to report violations. Most students think that the police should do more, but also that it is really important that people that are exposed to this report it, and are supported by the police.

During 2015, we will continue our school visits and look forward to even more interesting and rewarding discussions.

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