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Introduce more information on trafficking, sex and norms in schools says students at Nacka Upper Secondary School

Last week RealStars visited a senior class at the Nacka upper secondary school in Stockholm to lecture on trafficking and to host a workshop where students were invited to reflect and participate in the advocacy work for Fair Sex – on equal terms. The class was separated into smaller groups, which during four minutes had… Read more »

The Media Upper Secondary Schools photos for fair sex

One week ago, RealStars visited the Media Upper Secondary School in Stockholm for the second time. The reason was that students from class 3e were to present the photos they created with inspiration from RealStars’ lecture and workshop. Students chose between two “tasks”: 1. To choose a picture they think represent unfair sex and change… Read more »

Global Upper Secondary School, what do we do about the demand?

Yesterday RealStarts visited the Global Upper Secondary School in Stockholm to give a lecture on trafficking, the sex-trade and fair sex. The lecture was followed by a workshop where the students were asked to answer the question: ”how can we reduce the demand for sexual services?”. These are the suggestions from class ES11B: 1. Raise… Read more »

Workshops at Västerhöjds in Skövde

Realstars was the 14th of January at Västerhöjds highschool in Skövde and held a number of workshops with our web-based learning material. Fair Sex: Nätverket. The classes were very focused when they went through it and the general opinion was that it was interesting and raised several important issues. Ida and Bella, first-year students attending… Read more »

All upper secondary school students play Fair Sex: the Network

Mikael Elias Theoretical Upper Secondary School is located close to Kronhuset in central Gothenburg, where ethical issues are integrated in school activities. When the educational tool and web game “Fair Sex: the Network” was completed last fall, it was natural for Mikael Elias to allocate time for all students to enter the fictitious world of… Read more »

Exhibition For Fair Sex

It’s time for our exciting exhibition with works of art made by young Gothenburg artists who have created items for Fair Sex, and a world free from trafficking. Opening ceremonies with live performances, YokoDJs, music, recitals and coffee, etc. Time: December 11, 18:00 – 21.30 Location: 1200 Kvadrat at Frölunda Torg You will also get… Read more »

64 works of art against trafficking

Parody of perfume commercials by Mathilda Berridge and Ellinor Hallin at Kungstensgymnasiet in Stockholm. During fall, RealStars visited high schools and community colleges around Stockholm and Gothenburg with the project Creativity for fair sex. Creativity for fair sex is a lecture and workshop about trafficking but also about sexual assault, equality, grey areas and our… Read more »

The commitment that makes a difference – Dreamgrupp in cooperation with Beginning of Life (BoL)

Not so long ago we came in contact with Mia Börjesson, who works as a supervisor and is also the source of inspiration for various projects relating to health promotion in the field of psychosocial work, with a focus on children and teenagers. As many of you already know, we at Realstars believe that it… Read more »