Global Upper Secondary School, what do we do about the demand?

Yesterday RealStarts visited the Global Upper Secondary School in Stockholm to give a lecture on trafficking, the sex-trade and fair sex. The lecture was followed by a workshop where the students were asked to answer the question: ”how can we reduce the demand for sexual services?”. These are the suggestions from class ES11B:

1. Raise the issue on a political level

There is a need for more organisations working on spreading knowledge on the issue, and raising awareness about the connection between demand for sexual services and trafficking. The more people who think the issue is important, the more important is it for politicians to listen and react.

2. Change norms
Actively work on changing norms. One cannot legislate to change attitudes but legislation is important as it sends signals on what is acceptable and not, and leads the way.

3. Forbid marketing of sexual services
As advertising for sex is seen everywhere, notably on the internet, it has a normalising effect and purchasing sex is perceived as something normal.

4. Question gender roles

5. Destroy the myth about the happy whore

Do you have more suggestions on what needs to be done? Send them to us at RealStars!