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The nuclear family and the double moral meet in an animated drama about prostitution

Our guest blogger Robert Schenck reviews Tehran Taboo, an animated film about prostitution, female oppression and corruption in Iran today. This is an attractive film with strong credibility. Title: Tehran Taboo [Teheran Tabu in Swedish] Editor: Ali Soozandeh Manus: Ali Soozaneh and Grit Kienzlen Year: 2018 Film Review of Robert Schenck In Ali Soozandeh’s film,… Read more »

Tess, the film and prostitution in South Africa

Linda Schenck has seen the film and now shares her impressions of it in the review below. We get to meet Tess and learn about her impending, dark fate. Tess is a young woman who lives a life of prostitution in Cape Town, South Africa and who gets through her days with the help of… Read more »

(Svenska) Fimfestivalen igång – Fair Sex är i blickfånget för Realstars

Vid årets filmfestival, finns i programmet som vid tidigare års festivaler ett  antal filmer som bör intresserar RealStars, ofta är prostitution i dessa filmer huvudtema och i bland har det varit andra ingångar för att reflektera kring Fair Sex i relationer och även gråzoner. Robert Schenck, som recenserar filmer för Realstars har samlat några av… Read more »

Book review: Katarina Wennstam’s ’Flickan och skammen – En bok om samhällets syn på slampor’ (2016) (’The girl and the shame – a book about the society’s view on sluts’)

”Girls and women have always been demonised for their sexuality. The female lust has always been questioned, shrouded by rules and control. The woman who has not followed the narrow model has been smothered, cheapened, become a pariah.”   This is Wennstam’s third reportage book after ’Flickan och skulden’ (’The girl and the guilt’, 2002)… Read more »

Sex debate about 50 Shades of Grey

Bokomslag 50 Shades

Last week REALSTARS participated in Kulturhuset’s event ‘Sex debate and film screening: Fifty shades of moral panic?’. A panel discussion took place after a special screening of The Ceremony, a movie about famous French dominatrix Catherine Robbe-Gillet. Sex advisor Katerina Janouch, director Lina Mannheimer, journalist Quetzala Blanco and debater and BDSM practitioner Zandar Hedlund primarily… Read more »

Filip and Fredrik present the film ”Trevligt Folk”

At the anti trafficking day on October 18th in 2014, RealStars organised an auction where people had the chance to place bids on a meeting with the popular duo Filip and Fredrik. Other than meeting the popular duo, the bidding also involved getting four tickets to see the world premiere of their film “Trevligt Folk”…. Read more »

Advice about an important film: ”The Voice of the Voiceless”

The Voice of the Voiceless or La Voz de los Silenciados was screened at Göteborg’s Filmfestival (Göteborg International Film Festival) 2014. It has been and will be screened at several film festivals all over the world. Keep an eye out for it, and if you find a place screening the film, you should take the… Read more »

When nobody is looking

The Gothenburg Film Festival is over but RealStars continues to view films on the theme of Fair Sex and its opposites. One film that has touched us is “When Nobody is Looking” – a film about child sex trafficking from ECPAT, directed by Ulla Lemberg and David Herdies. The film tells us something about the… Read more »

Ukraine is not a brothel – Gothenburg International Filmfestival

Realstars has a tradition of attending the Gothenburg Film Festival where we watch movies related to the theme Fair Sex and its opposites. Ukraine is not a brothel was shown at the Gothenburg Film Festival and is directed by Kitty Green. The documentary shows an inside image of the feminist organisation Femen. In the movie,… Read more »