Art for Fair Sex at Lagerhuset Sep 6

We had an amazing evening together with almost 120 visitors at Lagerhuset.

RealStars’ artistic project manager Amanda Frövenholt was in charge of the event together with our founder Malin Roux who spoke to an enthusiastic audience about RealStars’ work against trafficking and prostitution. Eva Magnusson from The City Executive Office and Gregory McDermott , director at the social service center in Gothenburg, were also participating.

Real Laplaine, writer of the book ”See me not”, attended and sold his book for the benefit of RealStars and our work. The book depicts the fate of a 12 year old girl in India’s sex industry and an American tourist’s efforts to save her from the misery.
Real has been engaged in RealStars’ activities several times. His book is a horrifying, moving and amazing story. Read Real’s blog here and check out his web page and works here.

One of the artists who displayed their works for Fair Sex was Mathilda Frykberg. When asked if there is anything special when creating something from a predetermined theme (Fair/Unfair Sex) she said:

– Yes, it is different from creating with complete freedom. But RealStars has given me plenty of time, so I could learn about the subject and finally accomplish something.

To conclude, Indiekören played some wonderful music. As a contrast to Unfair Sex and the injustice in our society.

You will be able to see and read more about the works of art here soon. Until then, you can see some of the exhibited pictures made by the aesthetics students at Schillerska:

“Torsk = sexköpare” av Elin Andersson

“Arbetet som Gud glömde” av Nelly Holmberg

“Pris på kött idag”