RealStars at Angeredsgymnasiet

Angeredsgymnasiet had a equal treatment day last Tuesday. Different organizations had lectures about issues which involves and affects. RealStars was visiting one of the classrooms.

Trafficking and prostitution: Many people have opinions, thoughts and feelings when it comes to those matters. The students find discussing sex and abuse to be interesting, shocking and important.

During the lecture, we asked the students the following question;
What can be done to change the issue of trafficking?
We recieved many wise and concrete answers:

Some of the students thought everyone should see the film Lilja 4-ever to understand the abhorrent crimes which are found in the sex trade and thus realize how important the matter is.
The students were keen on the possibility of buying products whose profit are used in combating trafficking as well as helping those who are vulnerable. Many wanted the police and corporations to take more interest.

They also thought having more lectures for youths, affecting and changing opinions would be an important way to work against trafficking.
Someone wrote with a red pen on the board as a conclusion,:

EU passes the same law for everyone (The Swedish law) = Reduced demand = reduced activity = reduced trafficking = increased costs = less demand!

RealStars are really looking forward to visiting more schools this spring!

/Matilda and Malin for RealStars