Current discussions and rewarding conversations at PEAB

On the 17th of October, RealStars visited two of PEAB’s introductory language classes. RealStars was once again met with striking engagement and commitment, but also problematic attitudes regardings sex on equal terms – Fair Sex.

When RealStars lectures on trafficking and prostitution, we always ask the audience what is the biggest reason it exists. Very rarely do we receive the answer we are looking for, especially regarding the demand of it. But in the morning class at one PEAB school it happened. However, there were understandings in the class that are problematic in terms of sex occurring equal terms.

During the class, it was discussed whether men need sex and whether they are entitled to it. We were asked: “If a man needs sex, what should he do?” and the subsequent discussion took up the notion that the man had no choice other than to buy sex. Access to sex is not a right or entitlement. We often encounter these understandings during our lectures, regarding of the class and the individuals involved. This emphasizes that  schools have an incredible opportunity to influence these attitudes and understandings by giving more space for these types of discussions.

In the afternoon class, we discussed how there are approximately 45 million people in slavery today. When students were asked earlier to make their own estimation, their guesses ranged from around one to two million. However, what was mainly discussed was sexual consent in marriage. It emerged, that many of the individuals in the class held notions and understandings that there doesn’t need to be consent from the wife for her husband to have sex with her. One student explicitly mentioned that “he can tell if she wants it or not”. The main thing to take away from this is that consent is always needed with sex, on equal terms, regardless of the relationship. Fair Sex should apply to everyone, in all situations!

These attitudes surrounding sex –  that sex is something that men are entitled to and that consent does not always need to occur, are notion that RealStars often encounters in the classrooms they visit. This has been the case, regardless of whether it is a class of newcomers or not. It is our hope that with the initiative #metoo, the problem with sexual harassment has become that much more visible. We have to act now! We can prevent it with among other things, RealStars Fair Sex school lectures that work to positively change the damaging prevailing attitudes surrounding men’s perceived entitlement to sex.

If you want to have a lecture at your school, contact us at:
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