Dedicated students demand greater civic courage to promote Fair Sex

During a RealStars visit to Nacka Gymnasium, it was apparent that students were all in agreement that power, sex/gender norms and a strong macho society are the causes that mostly men buy sex and women sell it. In order to redress this they think that we should all teach people to respect women starting from childhood.

On 9th April RealStars was at Nacka Gymnasium to talk to one of the classes about Fair Sex. At the end of the presentation the students even got the chance to think about the causes of prostitution, human trafficking and other forms of unfair sex, and what they as a class and as a school can do to promote Fair Sex. Nacka Gymnasium is one of the schools that actively work towards fostering Fair Sex at school.

Many of the students were astonished at the figures that were presented to them, especially that 7.5% of all Swedish males have, at one time or other, bought sex. At the same time, the students showed great knowledge and awareness regarding norms and gender roles and how these steer society. One group mentioned that “men are glorified for having sex”, one of the causes why it is men who buy it.

Most groups were also in agreement that it is the normalising of the buying of sex that adds to the demand and that laws can make it less available. Moreover, the students highlighted the fact that the small risk of getting caught also drives the demand and, in this way, the laws can have a great influence.

But what can we do to spread Fair Sex and see to it that sex takes place on equal terms for everyone in every situation? Several groups talk about the need for laws but also greater civic courage amongst people to dare to put
their foot down when they see or suspect anything from sexual harassment to sex trafficking. “Don´t turn a blind eye”, “talk more about it”, “spread more information”, and “from early childhood, teach men not to see women as
sex objects”, and “teach men to respect women”, were all suggestions put forward. The students now say that, with their increased knowledge, they too can inform others and have an influence on their environment.