Watched Lilja 4-ever and was very moved

Marknadscheferna, Realstars and Caroline af Ugglas are cooperating against trafficking.

Anders Grönvall: About his support for RealStars’ work against trafficking by purchasing Caroline af Ugglas’ painting.

”I wanted to do something to support the work against trafficking. A few years ago, I watched the movie Lilja 4-ever and was very moved. It happens here in Sweden, just around the corner. I happened to turn on the radio recently and I heard the newly made P3 documentary about the life and death of the Dangoules girl. She gave the victims of trafficking a face. Her life was the inspiration for Lukas Moodysson’s film. It’s good that corporations can support in a simple way.” says Anders Grönvall, senior advisor at Grönvall Communication.

Follow this link to purchase Caroline af Ugglas painting