Inspiring words from zr Technology, a new cooperative partner to RealStars

RealStars is incredibly pleased about the commitment that our cooperative partners show. Today we want to highlight Zoltan Raffai, a tech consult within automotive at zr Technology and he shares why his company has chosen to cooperate with RealStars.

”It is important to take responsibility for your surroundings. It is our responsibility as Gothenburgians to solve the problems in the city together. One of the larger problems is that people is being taken advantage of. It is happening here and now. To close your eyes is NOT an option! The problem with trafficking is tackled in many ways. zr Technology and I share parts of a branch of industry where players constitute an important part of the problem by creating demand. It is unbelievably important to enlighten this and find ways to solve this problem. There is no room for trafficking in Gothenburg. There is no room for trafficking in my town!”

Zoltan Raffai has a point when he says that his branch of industry is a major part of the problem through demand. In fact, every one in five Swede who purchased sex abroad did it during official business, according to the research study Prostitution in the Nordic area. RealStars calls upon all companies to take a stand against purchase of commercial sex acts when it is evident that it is happening in a business context.

”RealStars is an organization with much knowledge and a will to make a change. Since the problem with trafficking is incredibly complicated and hard to solve, we need as many as possible working together to find the best solutions. We who want to work for a better situation when it comes to trafficking need a platform for this cooperation. RealStars is perfect! Their work with informational campaigns and their role as support for companies through Business Against Trafficking is also extremely important to reach change.”

We thank Zoltan Raffai and hope that his words can inspire other companies to take a stand against trafficking.