Shopping mad!

This last week I have gone autumn shopping mad! The only thing I want to do is to buy some fine autumn-clothes and prepare for the coming season of fantastic fashion! Since I am a student with very limited economy, I have to learn to buy clothes at the low-priced stores and find those rare treasures which will look fantastic all autumn. I’ve looked around town and found some autumn-clothes which will look fantastic combined with our Fair Sex leggings!

First of all I picked up this autumn’s boots, a must if you want to go through autumn with style. They are from Weekday and cost only 500SEK, a real find!

I definitely recommend these as they have a plateau at the front of the shoe and are subsequently very comfortable to walk around in! I was very skeptical when wondering if I could “pull off” wearing boots like these but you got to go the extra mile and when I wear them I feel very good looking actually.
You can have anything combined with these shoes, leggings (a pair of Fair Sex leggings maybe?), skirt and jeans. You just got to style them differently and you can even wear them every day or at more festive occasions. Right now Weekday also has very nice clothes for great prices. A good piece of advice is to check out their new clothes for inspiration and an autumn-bargain.

A big part of autumn is also to be warm and comfortable when the cold comes. That’s why I also purchased a thicker shirt in a nice dark red autumn-like color from Gina Tricot Gina Tricot, click the link to get there, they have an online shop worth checking out!

I hope this gives you some inspiration and happiness when the fall comes. Autumn is after all a fantastic season for fashion with lots of great clothes and shoes, so enjoy it!

Matilda Öhlin Knutsson for RealStars

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