From Way out West with love

Way out West a true highlight to all music lovers, has just ended. Prince was amazing! Last year I was looking after and  leggings and photographed all the cool ones. This year besides fashion I also have Fair Sex in mind. 

You can read in various magazines about the festival fashion. Way out West is a city festival, you can tell by a large amount of thoughtfully chosen combinations and there are even those who are dressed up. Most of the visitors still prefer a typical festival style with different styles of shorts. I like when girls break the pattern through festive summer fashion. A wardrobe consisting of dark clothes is slowly approaching, and I want to keep the feeling of the summer for as long as possible. I will show a few pictures now, a few later.

Sex and music, or more correctly sex and rock & roll, belong together. Several of the artists convey something around that. Fleet foxes interlude feels familiar, beautiful girls at the festival – the scent of hair (attraction). The Hives, yeah I heard “kiss and have sex” but I do not remember the context.. do you?

 Robyn conveys power and love. It is in the air, you can tell by all the heart-shaped hands that sway together with the music.

Prince! His concert can be described with a “wow”. Prince talks in-between and has a fondness for doing things “together”. To learn to love together. The learn… together. That is when it happens! Sex and Romance are two words that Prince likes to combine. Yes, sex is after all a collaboration, maybe even a romance. Something to do with somebody, fair sex.

Many artists refer to sex and love, mostly with tongue in cheek! PULP!

The feeling here is positive – fair sex is in the air and it is after all a universal need. Something we can defend… a campaign for fair sex because it should be applied to everyone, but the reality is different for many people. Sign and spread it! LOVE!


Malin Roux for RealStars