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Zarah and Malte in town with RealStars leggings

A while ago we promised to show you more pictures of the fantastic RealStars leggings, designed by Johanna Brag – voilá! The funny part is that you can combine the leggings with different styles and outfits: high heels and dresses or a more relaxed look. But one thing is for sure: with these leggings you… Read more »

Legwear Report Copenhagen – Black on cycling legs

During our visit to Copenhagen we started to look for girls with unexpected, exciting leggings. The street fashion was however black – black tights and leggings. Fab with the right combinations, black is always classy. Many shops had really cool things. Girls cycled with big old-fashioned bicycles and the sun was shining. RealStars could be… Read more »

R.S. Legwear Report No 1 – Way out West 2010

Way Out west, such a wonderful concentration of stylish legwear in differents colors and patterns. We spent fifteen minutes taking these pictures, (during a Håkan Hellström concert…). M.I.A, Lykke Li and La Roux, all three wore stylish legwear while they where performing (Propably not the only ones, but the only ones we got a chance… Read more »