R.S. Legwear Report No 1 – Way out West 2010

Way Out west, such a wonderful concentration of stylish legwear in differents colors and patterns. We spent fifteen minutes taking these pictures, (during a Håkan Hellström concert…).

M.I.A, Lykke Li and La Roux, all three wore stylish legwear while they where performing (Propably not the only ones, but the only ones we got a chance to see). La Roux wore really cool pants or leggings; tight and black with a golden stripe along each side. They remind me of the uniforms of saddle- or MC -cops but they were tighter and so much cooler on her when she was singing and slide dancing!

There are certainly many places which you don´t think of – that are crowded with girls and women with stylish legwear.

Are you going to a place where you might find people wearing stylish legwear and you would like to take pictures for our blog? Let us Know!