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Blog Seminar with Presskontakterna

Two weeks ago RealStars collaborated with Presskontakterna in creating a blog seminar where we talked about trafficking and the project Fair Fucking Sex. Talking about human trafficking and sexual assault often results in heated discussions as we have all some form of connection or personal experience revolving the subject. At the same time, everyone is… Read more »

Milvea – “clothes that make a difference”

RealStars has interviewed Mikael Lestander who is the founder of the social enterprise Mileva which aims to give new hope for women who have been subjected to trafficking. What is Milvea? Mileva is a social enterprise aiming to provide a better life for women who have been subjected to trafficking and prostitution. We are managing… Read more »

Celebrities donate clothes against trafficking

Erikshjälpen starts #intetillsalu, which is an amazing initiative with the purpose of creating awareness and interest in preventing human trading with children. Second-hand clothes from celebrities as well as from regular Swedes are being sold to benefit the work against trafficking. Sarah Dawn Finer, Malena Ernman, Peter Jöback, Mando Diao, Carina Berg and many others… Read more »

The right winter clothes

How is fashion linked with Fair Sex? Clothes and fashion is a huge, it’s a global industry which produces vast profit every year. Fashion and clothes are important hobbies for many people. The clothing and fashion industry however is quite twisted, with bad ideals of women and men. Industries with child labor and other types… Read more »

Your right to fashion and style

Fashion changes every season and we are updated with the latest trends. But to have style you don’t have to follow trends. Style is something individual, a way for you to show the world who you are. Your style probably says more about you than you might think. Someone’s style is very individual and that… Read more »

Fashion that cares 2

We continue with the series about fashion that makes you think. An interesting study from the Swedish fashion city of Borås recently said that purchasing of clothes and shoes had increased with 53 % between 1999-2009. (Speaking of Borås, a big thanks to the fashion designers in photography, design and models who have helped RealStars.)… Read more »

Raglady for RealStars

“A Raglady is a woman who hysterically runs into the closet and puts on whatever she finds there and runs out again…” /Caisa, proprietor of Raglady by Tara Raglady by Tara – a store based in Gothenburg, sells designed and fantastic brand-name clothes – now stands behind the Fair Sex-campaign to stop the sex trafficking… Read more »