The right winter clothes

How is fashion linked with Fair Sex? Clothes and fashion is a huge, it’s a global industry which produces vast profit every year. Fashion and clothes are important hobbies for many people. The clothing and fashion industry however is quite twisted, with bad ideals of women and men. Industries with child labor and other types of exploited work force, factories spewing CO2 and toxic into the air we all breathe. But you got to have clothes or you’ll freeze, especially in this cold winter. The winter is tricky for fashion and clothes as the battle for dressing up looking good or dressing up warm begins tomorrow. Winter and fall is the time for darker colors, wine red, mossy green, deep blue. Fall and winter doesn’t have to mean black and gray. The darkness affects us, the lack of vitamin D makes us sicker, more tired and disgruntled. It’s especially inconvenient when it rains constantly and the sun never shines, which is why we must use the darkness. Get in on one of this fall and winter’s greatest trends: sequins. Sequins, sparkles and metallic colors like bronze, gold and silver are very popular during this season and is a recurring theme during the colder months. A good investment casually and formally. Sequins can keep you warm (right picture) or make you sparkle on the dance floor (left picture) from House of Beths.The right clothes and presents can do a lot of good. The right dress, jeans or top can give you new confidence and courage. Choosing the right clothes is hard. Choosing the right clothes is important as it affects more than you might think. There are clothes made environmentally friendly today, there’s a tag in the collar which states where the clothing was made. The fashion and clothing industry is getting better, slowly but surely. It’s about always making deliberate decisions. Plenty of companies work with making gorgeous clothes and contribute toward a better world. One of our partners ”House of Beths”sells clothes and supports causes against sexual injustice. House of Beths is engaged in the struggle against sexual crimes and works towards giving women all over the world the freedom those of us in the West often take for granted. House of Beths is currently working on a big freedom campaign to give women opportunities and support. There are many ways to help in the fight against sexual crimes and other injustices in the world. Giving a helping hand isn’t hard.

Maria Brambeck for RealStars