We mark the European Day for Victims of Crime on Instagram

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Today is the European Day for Victims of Crime and we take the opportunity to commemorate all trafficking victims with a series of illustrations that Dennis Johannson has created especially for our Instagram account: @kimrealstars

Kim is the public face of RealStars’ online project Fair Sex Online. Kim is one of our agents who spreads stories of sex on equal terms and acts as a whistleblower for online sexual abuse. Many trafficking victims feature in online escort service ads. We tip off the police and try to disrupt the online sex marketplace. Follow us and invite your friends so that we can make an even bigger difference!

We’d like to thank Dennis and have taken the opportunity to ask him a couple of questions.

What do you think is important in life?

To get a good upbringing and go through life surrounded by people who care about us. After that it’s also very important to see beyond our nearest and dearest, that we share the planet with many other people whose right to live in dignity is as equally important as ours.

What would you like to see more of in our communities?

More tolerance. More understanding. More idealists. We must believe in humanity and that it’s possible to change the world into a good place.

What challenges do you see for the fight against trafficking and other manifestations of unfair sex (different forms of abuse)?

It’s important to understand that the jargon used in the locker room or on a ”lads’ night out” has enormous consequences. It is certainly true that most men do not rape and/or buy sex. But the fact is that there are many who do, and by accepting jargon and ”jokes” that are degrading to women we confirm these men’s views on women and thus allow them to perpetrate these atrocities.

Furthermore, companies must take responsibility. By ensuring that workers in other countries get fair wages and good working conditions then people’s vulnerabilty can be reduced. And here consumers can boycott companies who contribute to increased inequalities in the world.

The so-called femvertisinwhich we are seeing more and more of today is very liberating. I hope it is the start of something bigger. But we should not forget: it is 2017. It’s two hundred and fucking twenty five(!) years since Mary Wollstoncraft wrote A Vindication of the Rights of Women. We should have come further forward than this.

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