Fair Sex online: the work of RealStars against online harassment

Realstars_kim_bakgrundFive months ago we introduced Fair Sex online and the Fair sex agent
Kim in order to strengthen the Fair Sex values on the internet so that
Fair Sex can become reality both online and offline.

One problem with the internet is the blurred lines that are growing
bigger, which are simply used. When you are hiding behind a screen and
a fake username your respect for the individual can easy fade away. In
common chat rooms and on social medias the limits of acceptable
behavior are moved and the numbers of sexual offenses are increasing
when anonymous people can act unbothered.

Especially young people are in a vulnurable position when social
medias makes it easy to expose pictures and text. The tresspassing
often happens gradually and you might not realise when you have
crossed line of what’s okay to do to another person. All it takes for
an offense to grow bigger and beyond control is a retweet, a short
message or a shared picture. Everything can be done quick and easy
without any second thoughts. What starts as an voluntary and innocent
exposure ends as a non – consent in an uncontrollable spreading.

A big problem is that many young people believe in the myth that it’s
a diffrence between what’s allowed to do online and in real life.
People who sends unwanted images of their genitals, the so called dic
pics, are guilty of sexual molestation which is illeagal.

Molestations and slanders cause ravaging consequences for those gets
used and exposed. An unwanted sexual invitation is a big intrusion,
especially when it’s in someone’s personal sphere which leads to
vulnurbility and feelings of powerlessness and stalking.

RealStars wants to strengthen the values of Fair Sex even online by
educating and create basics for healthy discussions about values, sex
and respect. We are developing our work and are availeble on diffrent
social platforms such as facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tipsakim/
, instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kimrealstars/ and twitter:
https://twitter.com/tipsakim and we have many volunteers helping our
agent Kim.

You can follow our work on http://www.fairsexonline.se/ and don’t
forget to give advice to Kim on

You can also read our text on https://www.familjeliv.se/start/1.6001012