Realstars is growing in 2015

RealStars can look back on an eventful year of 2014 with several successful influence campaigns. We have made a lasting impression on a local, national and EU level.

The message of Fair Sex has reached thousands through different campaigns, and we have visited 3-5 different high schools this week alone. Please have a look at the results from all of the creative expressions here!

Undoubtedly, one of the campaign highlights were the Anti trafficking day at Bio Rio. We had an art constellation with mingle and speakers like Kajsa Wahlberg, Henning Mankell, Jonas Trolle and Kajsa Ekis Ekman. As the highlight of the campaign we had a Tradera auction where Swedish artists and other celebrities had made contributions which were auctioned off. Amongst others, Håkan Hellström, Filip & Fredrik, Jens Assur, Jill Johnson nad Kapten Röd contributed with gifts for the auction.

Our work together with different companies has evolved through Business Against Trafficking and Hotels Against Trafficking which provide smaller, as well as larger businesses with a creative and meaningful way to work together with us. We do anything from making them a friend company, work with their PR or web development to performing surveys or workshops for bigger businesses.

At the moment, the plans for 2015 are up and running. We want more people to join the journey towards a Europe free of trafficking – schools, businesses, politicians, and other communal agents.

During 2015, we are growing and will be noticed even more. Mainly thanks to support from the city of Gothenburg, and by starting an innovation process to work for a western Sweden tourism revenue free from trafficking. The project is supported by Vinnova and will be achieved by common efforts. We are very much looking forward to this!

Fair Sex should be applied to everyone, and everywhere. Regarding this, the Swedish sex trade law where the buyer is criminalised is a cornerstone for a future free of sexual enslavement.

If you have any ideas regarding activities that would be suitable for our work, don’t hesitate to contact us! All the support and suggestions on how we can have a greater community impact are much welcomed. Thank you, everyone!

Malin for RealStars