When Fair sex and unfair sex is expressed in image and thought

It has been a couple of hectic weeks for Realstars with many balls in the air, but we take in the fantastic commitment we meet when we are out and it is this that gives us the energy to continue the fight for Fair Sex – Against Trafficking. So what is happening in the schools?

About a week ago one of Realstars process managers met with a photography class from Mediagymnasiet in Stockholm. A school Realstars has previously been in contact with. After a lecture that included values exercises, the students were ready to create something and to make a difference. A week later, the Realstars process manager together with two Fair Sex ambassadors had the pleasure of visiting the school again and to see the presentations of the projects.

To meet dedicated students who want to make a difference and take a stand is the main source of energy, and to offer a space for students and teachers to meet and discuss what trafficking is and what the causes are, how we as a society and as individuals can participate and affect change, each from their perspective and situation. This is where it begins, this is where we can make a difference, when the words reaches the classrooms, then we know change is possible.

Realstars works actively to raise awareness around questions of Fair Sex in schools, by addressing basic values in a number of schools in Gothenburg, Stockholm, and Malmö, and by working long-term with attitudes toward sex, equality and equal treatment, all to get a step closer to a Europe free from trafficking.

Bild av Emellie Eriksson & Fanni De Azevedo Markström