High school teachers in Gothenburg? Welcome to an inspiring meeting about digital teaching aids!

As you may know, Realstars is working on many issues of the society. We are collectively working for a socially sustainable society and base much of our work on the UNRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Now we are inviting, together with Center för skolutveckling, all the high school teachers in Gothenburg to an inspiring workshop. We will present how teachers can use our web game, Fair Sex: Nätverket, to highlight issues involving trafficking, human rights and verbal abuse in their teaching.

We have, together with Pedagogiskt Centrum, made a web game about trafficking, abuse and human rights: Fair Sex: Nätverket. It is an interactive teaching aid developed to higlight issues regarding gender equality, sex, trafficking and prostitution in an inspiring way. Along the game runs a thread: is there a connection between trafficking and our attitudes around gender equality and sex? After the game the student will be able to choose by its own accord to become an agent and continue to work for human rights and against abuse and violence.

The game is revolved around the fictious organisation Nätverket, whose agents work against injustices and crimes against human rights. Through this lens, we meet several people, all with their own unique story of abuse, sex purchases and prostitution.

Together with Center för skolutveckling, we invite you to a workshop on the 18th of March, the time 15:30-17:30, to learn how the game can be used in teaching and how you as a teacher can continue work with these issues after having played the game.

More information about the meeting and the registration is found here!

Do not hesitate to get in touch with Anna Lindeborg, process manager Real Stars Göteborg, if you have any questions: anna@realstars.eu