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Hotel Flora is the first Fair Sex-hotel

Fair sex hotell

The family owned Hotel Flora is located at Grönsakstorget in Gothenburg. The hotel becomes the first in the country with the clear slogan: ”This is a Fair Sex hotel”. The Fair Sex slogan is produced by RealStars and is an indicator of the fact that this hotel actively works against sex trade and trafficking. The… Read more »

Realstars in national media – Aktuellts Utblick 21st of November

All of you who have followed us since Realstars started its journey in 2010 know that we have always had great ambitions and that we are working towards making Europe free from trafficking. Last week can be seen as a milestone for us when I, the founder of this organisation, was asked to appear on… Read more »

New web game – Do you want to become an agent in Fair Sex: Nätverket?

The web game – or the training program that we call ”Fair Sex: The Network” – is ready to go for all those who want to learn more and become engaged in questions about trafficking, prostitution and human rights. Young people and secondary students make up the primary target group; a web game can reach… Read more »

Book release of ”Intimitet och makt” in connection with the Anti-Trafficking Day

On 17 October, in order to shed light upon the Anti-Trafficking Day, we paid attention to the release of the book “Intimitet och Makt” (Intimacy and Power) by performing a dance on the square called Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm. Led by E=mc2 Danskonst, with choreography by Gun Lund, students of Kulturama and S:t Erik’s Scengymnasium performed… Read more »

Men who buy sex

Men who buy sex 2013 was the theme for this year’s event at the Anti-trafficking Day. In order to sum up the event we will publish a miniseries about our discussions and conclusions made. Today’s article discusses who the sex buyers are. Is there anything that distinguishes them or are all men potential Johns? Part… Read more »

Real Laplaine, author of ”See me not” will soon release his new book ”Quantum Assault”

 We recently interviewed Réal Laplaine, author of SEE ME NOT – a literary fiction about human trafficking.  With his new book, Quantum Assault soon releasing, we asked him a few questions of interest. 1. What makes you happy? Coffee – no seriously, I love coffee. But in truth I feel happy when I know that I am doing something that is… Read more »

Why is the Sex Trade Law a good thing?

We posed this question to former chief prosecutor Thomas Ahlstrand. As a prosecutor, he has plenty of experience working cases related to sex trafficking. Here’s how he reflects on the Sex Trade Law. 1. The moral grounds on the individual level. To pay for sex is to inappropriately take advantage of; or exploit the disadvantaged…. Read more »

What do you intend to do, Beatrice Ask?

”What does the Minister of Justice intend to do to ensure that all police districts actively and efficiently work on the issues of human trafficking for sexual purposes and the act of paying for sexual services?” This is how Hanna Bergstedt (S) concludes her open letter to Beatrice Ask. The letter inquires as to why… Read more »